Professional Development
CaixaBank staff is the cornerstone of its business and its main asset. Having motivated, prepared and engaged workers is crucial to provide good customer service, achieve success in business strategy and contribute to the region's socio-economic development.

CaixaBank works with the aim of attracting the best people and retaining and promoting human development and labor in the context of a good working environment.

  • Equitable selection process
  • Career plans and merit recognition policies 
  • Ongoing training
  • Talent and leadership
  • Mechanisms of dialogue


Entrepreneurial support
Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and individual initiative is the best way to bring about economic growth and community development. This is why one of the priorities of Caixa Bank’s management policies is to support viable entrepreneurial initiatives.
The bank works to support entrepreneurs so that they can make their business project a reality as one of the ways of strengthening the business fabric of the country, encouraging innovation and productivity and favoring job creation.
With this objective it makes different instruments available to you:
Emprenedor XXI, the program for entrepreneurs Financing instruments Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in schools.



Value Chain
CaixaBank considers it essential to integrate ethical, social and environmental factors into its entire value chain. Consequently, it also considers that its corporate responsibility includes having suppliers and collaborators who share its commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible development.

It aims to collaborate with enterprises and entrepreneurs who work in accordance with the best ethical, social, environmental and corporate governance practices, who respect fundamental human and labor rights in carrying out their work and who strive to extend these rights to their value chain.

All supplier contracts include a mandatory clause in which suppliers commit to abiding by the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

 CaixaBank, as a “la Caixa” Group company, has a portal specifically for suppliers where enterprises or entrepreneurs can register to offer their services. To be considered, they must agree to comply with a series of ethical, social and environmental criteria.

Financial Training
CaixaBank, aware of the importance of improving financial knowledge of the population, tries to contribute to the training on the basics of financial reality.

It is one of the institutions participating in the Financial Education Plan, promoted by the CNMV (the regulatory body of the Spanish Stock Market) and the Bank of Spain.
Access to the Financial Education Plan. CNMV and Bank of Spain (in Spanish)
For those who are even younger CaixaBank has created “Aprende a ahorrar” an interactive game to help parents teach their children to save. This application is available for free in the CaixaBank app store.

The “Aula, training for Shareholders” initiative provides the CaixaBank's shareholders with tools and content to increase their knowledge of financial markets and the state of the economy.

The initiative includes activities such as conferences on stock market issues and guides and dictionaries with useful content for anyone interested in investing in the stock market. It also allows for collaboration with top-level finance and market educational institutions.

”la Caixa” Banking Foundation
With its activity and results CaixaBank contributes to the development of the community through the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation of its reference shareholder.

The “la Caixa”Banking Foundation budget for 2014 is once again EUR 500 million, which for the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation represents, for yet another year, the private Spanish foundation that devotes more resources to social action.

The ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation undertakes different types of activities and projects:
Poverty and Social exclusion program
The main part of its budget (more than 66%) is given over to programs dedicated to eradicate poverty and protect socially disadvantaged groups or those at risk of exclusion such as children from needy families, the elderly or other people in a situation of dependence, immigrants with a low level of integration, young people exposed to risk behaviour, disabled people or the very ill, and their families, among others.

Environment and science program
These include initiatives in favor of the conservation and improvement of natural spaces and information and awareness-raising programs about the importance of sustainable behaviour.

Cultural program
Their activities aim to bring art, music, theatre or humanities to all types of public, turning culture into an instrument of personal growth and social integration.
Most of the programme is undertaken in the different cultural centers of the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation.

Educational and research programs
They promote academic excellence and equal opportunities through their study scholarships for different groups, such as university students or prisoners, as well as other activities of an educational type and in favor of spreading culture and scientific knowledge.